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SmartPens4U, a pioneer and world leader in personal, portable, reading pens proud to present:

Rocket pen reader, the most advanced product of its kind - improving reading ability, comprehension and makes the reading experience enjoyable.

Unique benefits:

  • Easy to read- words appear in large font
  • Color touchscreen
  • Scans digital screens like computers, tablets, phones, etc..
  • Syllabication / word breakdown
  • Hear and see word spelled out
  • Pronunciation guide
  • Idioms
  • Quick Define feature
  • Oxford American Children’sThesaurus
  • Oxford American Children’s - dictionary
  • USB Type c connection for fast charging
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What is a reading pen?

A reading pen is a device that can be used to read printed and digital text aloud. It is similar to a regular pen but has a built-in scanner and speaker. The pen can be used to scan and play text from books, newspapers, computer, mobile phone (just RocketPen Reader) or any other printed or digital material.

Who can benefit from using a reading pen?

Reading pens are often used by people who have have reading difficulties like dyslexia, people who are learning to read and people who have have low vision.

Reading pens can help you:

  • Read text aloud
  • Understand what you are reading
  • Follow along with a book or other printed material