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About Us

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Company Profile

SmartPens4U is an innovative pioneer and a world leader in personal, portable reading pens. Our pocket-sized RocketPen Readers series serve as assistive reading devices for individuals who are challenged with reading, particulary those with special needs such as Dyslexia or visual impairments and those who struggle with decoding words or identifying syllables.

Our comprehensive solutions enable independent learning, keep students engaged, and help students build academic confidence. Our learning devices not only break down words into their syllables but also identify the root word, enabling students to understand the meaning of the word and its origins.

We strive to design products that help some students improve their reading skills and others to overcome challenges to literacy. Many doors open to a person with good reading skills, and we want people to be able to open those doors.

How we got our start

in 1995, Adi Lipman and his father, Aharon Lipman (an electrnics engineer), developed and electronic reading device. They brought the world the first device based on electro-optical technology. It enabled text scanning, reading, and language translation.

What makes our products stand out

the RocketPen series has usability features such as a color touch screen. It scans digital screens such as those on tablets and phones. Some models have reading tutor functions such as syllabication. And some of the models have definition dictionaries and translation dictionaries.

Why we love what we do

Our mission is to bring to everyone- children, students, and adults--products that help them in a convenient and efficient way. This is why our experts are contantly working to bring to everyone products at the edge of what's technologically possible.