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RocketPen Exam


The most advanced personal exam helper.


RocketPen Exam is designed specifically to enable people with reading difficulties and various degrees of learning disabilities such as dyslexia to scan a word and hear it spoken aloud quickly and easily in exams.

The RocketPen Exam is a stand alone, portable text reader for printet text, computer screens and tablets. it has the most naturl text to speech voices and especially developed speaker to give a clear speech experiance.

The portable RocketPen Reader supports the reading experience by vocalizing scanned words or phrases . Adults can use the RocketPen Reader at work or for their reading pleasure with a book, magazine, etc.

  • Enhances the reading experience by increasing fluency and vocabulary
  • Improves reading comprehension with integrated text-to-speech technology
  • Reads any printed material such as books, magazines, and newspapers
  • The only pen like scanner who can read from computer screens & Tablets!
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  • Scans single words or full line of text.
  • Reads the scanned text aloud.
  • Two scan modes: Toggle between single line / multi line scanning.
  • Can scan from computer screens & Tablets.
  • Rechargable battery for long use time.

Unique Benefits:

  • Color touchscreen.
  • Scans digital screens like computers, tablets, phones, etc.
  • USB Type c connection for fast charging.

Available Languages:

  • English: US, UK & Australia.
  • French: France & Canada.
  • More languages will be added on soon!