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Women Support - 640x426

RocketPen Reader Firmware Upgrade

Upgrades available

Please check current version on your RocketPen Reader and check the table below to find if there are upgrades available for you.

  • Open Info and check Version.
Current version Changes from last version Upgrade to
1.516.0416Bug fixes1.517_0417 (latesd version)
1.515.0416Bug fixes1.517_0417 (latesd version)
1.402.0410Bug fixes1.517_0417 (latesd version)
1.501.0389Bug fixes1.517_0417 (latesd version)
1.5.0375Bug fixes1.517_0417 (latesd version)
1.4.0375Added 2 new American English voices & 2 new French Candian new voices.1.517_0417 (latesd version)
1.1 | OS: V1.0.13Added RTL support including UI and scanning directions.1.517_0417 (latesd version)